About Me

Thomas P. Johnson

After my parents retired, they decided to throw themselves into various projects to keep them busy. They’ve never been the type of people to rest and take it easy, they like to keep their minds and hands busy. Ever since I was a kid they would tell me that an idle mind is a Devil’s workshop, and looking at the way they always kept busy, there was certainly no chance for any sort of devilry to enter their heads.

They had just finished landscaping the front of the house, adding new flowers and foliage. I was quite surprised when I visited the over Easter, but I think I got the biggest shock was when I visited them over the summer. They were quite secretive about their latest project which was building a rain garden. Now I was absolutely clueless about things like that and it honestly never crossed my mind on where the rain water would go and how the plants would get watered and about the replenishment of the ground water. I guess you could say I got my first gardening lesson that day.

I walked into where I thought our backyard would be and I was very surprised at the transformation. They had been working on it for quite a while and now I saw that the garden was on a slight lope which ended up in beautiful flowers and grasses. Even while we were having our evening tea, I could see butterflies flittering about the garden. It was a sight to behold. When you live in a city where living space is a premium, I don’t get the chance to see many butterflies and other creatures flit about from flower to flower and grass to grass.

That’s a luxury that many people who don’t earn massive salaries cannot afford. Cities are places where concrete, steel and glass rule supreme and if you want a bite of nature; you have to head to the parks. In a daily schedule where work can often snatch most of the daylight from your day, it is not often I get to relax and watch nature at her best.

My parents told me what they had done step by step and how they selected the flowers, where they had gone to procure them, the ideas they had at first and then rejected and the research they had done. I was very proud of them. It’s so strange, when I was a kid they felt proud of me for my accomplishments and I felt the same way when they showed me the garden.

They had done it all on their own, with no input from me just so they could see the look of astonishment on my face when they showed me the transformed backyard. My dad sneakily caught my expressions on video and we had a good laugh about it later. There are so many plus points to having a rain garden; it’s a wonder that more people are not constructing their very own rain gardens to save on watering and also being eco-friendly.